Samuel de Champlain Timeline


Samuel de Champlain, Maréchal de Logis, Navigator, Geographer, Cartographer and Writer

Founder of Port-Royal and of Quebec and Father of New-France


1567 or 1570

Birth of Samuel de Champlain at Brouage France, son “of the late Antoine de Champlain, a Sea Captain, and of Marguerite Le Roy


In the Army he serves as Quartermaster, aide and ‘sergeant in arms’ under Henry of Navarre (King Henry IV) in the religious wars that ended in 1598.


Sails with his uncle Guillaume Allene, a Pilot General in the Spanish navy, aboard the ship St Julien, Champlain assists in transporting troops from France to Cadiz Spain.


Sails on the St Julien for 2 ½ years with a Spanish Fleet to the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico and visited Mexico City, Panama and Havana, and returned to Spain with treasure. He described this tour to the French king in his book, Bref Discours – At Panama he suggested a canal be constructed to the Pacific Ocean.

15 Mar 1603


Sails as an observer with Francois Grave Du Pont on his 1st voyage to New France stopping at Tadoussac and Montreal; returns to Honfleur on 20 Sep 1603; presents a map to the King and publishes his book; Des Sauvages, ou Voyage de Samuel Champlain, de Brouage.

07 Apr 1604

(7 Mar 1604)

Sails from Le Havre to Acadia with Pierre Dugua, Sieur de Monts on the Don de Dieu; settles and winters over at Ile Sainte Croix - He explored and charted the coast of Maine naming Mt. Desert Island, and going as far west as the Kennebec River

Jun-Sep 1605

Explored the coast and some rivers from Maine to Cape Cod; He entered & mapped Boston Bay; Plymouth, and then after rounding Cape Cod, Nauset Harbor.

Sep 1605

Moved all the buildings from Ste Croix to Port Royal, Acadia; now Nova Scotia


Explored to Cape Cod searching for a place to establish a settlement.

Winter 1606

“L’Ordre de Bon Temps” or “Order of the Good Cheer” established to pass the time.


Jamestown, Virginia founded   (Champlain on his 3rd Atlantic crossing)

03 Sep 1607

Champlain returns to Saint-Malo France on the Jonas on 30 Sep 1607


Champlain’s remarkably accurate map of the coast of Nova Scotia and New England is published

13 Apr 1608

Champlain sails from Honfleur on the Don de Dieu and founds Quebec on 3 Jul 1608

28 Jun 1609

Champlain traveled with a large war party of Huron, Algonkin, and Montagnais Indians up the St. Lawrence to the Richelieu River and a large lake in Jul & Aug which he names Lake Champlain

05 Sep 1609

Sails from Quebec and arrives at Honfleur France on 13 Oct 1609. Presents his report to King Henry IV at Fontainebleau. (King Henry assassinated on 14 May 1610)

08 Apr 1610

Sails from ?? to Quebec on the Loyal and arrives on 28 Apr 1610

08 Aug 1610

Sails from Quebec to Honfleur, France on 27 Sep 1610

27 Dec 1610

Nuptial Benediction to Helene Boulle at St Germain l’Auxerrois church in Paris

01 Mar 1611

Sails from ?? to France and arrives in Quebec on 21-22 May 1611; names Isle St Helene for wife

11 Aug 1611

Sails from Quebec and arrives La Rochelle, France on 10 Sep 1611, publishes his 1612 map, and reports to King Louis XIII

15 Oct 1612

Now a Lieutenant General of Quebec

09 Jan 1613

Publishes his book “Les Voyages du Sieur de Champlain Xaintongeois” with the 1613 map

06 Mar 1613

Sails from Honfleur, France and arrives at Tadoussac on 29 Apr 1613 (6th crossing to New France)

27 May 1613

Travels toward Huron Country via the Ottawa River and arrives on 17 Jun 1613; Loses his Astrolabe; found in 1867 in Lake Green

08 Aug 1613

Sails from Tadoussac and arrives at St Malo France on 26 Aug 1613


Presents report about New France to King Louis XIII

24 Apr 1615

Sails on the St Etienne from Honfleur and arrives at Tadoussac and Quebec on 25 May 1615

09 Jul 1615

Voyages to Huron Country on Lake Huron, arriving on 1 Aug 1615 where the 1st Mass in the Great Lakes region was celebrated.

10 Oct 1615

Champlain assists his Indian allies in attacking their enemy, the Iroquois, and is wounded twice.

20 May 1616

Leaves Huronia and arrives in Quebec on 11 Jul 1616

03 Aug 1616

Sails from Tadoussac and arrives at Honfleur, France on 10 Sep 1616


Updates his 1612 and 1613 maps adding his 1615 and 1616 data. Published in 1653 by Duval

11 Mar 1617

Sails from Honfleur, France on the St Etienne with Louis Hebert and arrives in Quebec on 14 Jun 1617

22 Jul 1617

Champlain signs a contract in Paris; he must have returned immediately

24 May 1618

Sails from Honfleur, France and arrives in Quebec on 24 Jun 1618

26 Jul 1618

Sails from Tadoussac and arrives at Honfleur on 28 Aug 1618

18 May 1619

Publishes his book, “Les Voyages du Sieur Champlain en La Nouvelle France, depuis l’annee 1615 jusques a la fin de l’annee 1618”

07 May 1620

Champlain confirmed by King Louis XIII as Lieutenant of the Viceroy of New France.

Spring 1620

Sails on the St Etienne from Honfleur to Quebec with his wife Helene and arrives on 7 Jul 1620

12 Nov 1620

Pilgrims arrive at Plymouth on the Mayflower

15 Aug 1624

Sails from Quebec and arrives at Dieppe, France on 1 Oct 1624 and reports to the King.

15 Apr 1626

Sails from Dieppe, France (11th time) and arrive in Quebec on 5 Jul 1626


New France population is 100; Virginia 2000; New England 310; New Holland 200 & Newfoundland 100

19 Jul 1629

Champlain & Quebec captured by the English Kirke Brothers

24 Jul 1629

Departs for Tadoussac; Sails from Tadoussac on 14 Sep 1629 and arrives in London on 29 Oct 1629

Dec 1629

Sailed to France. King Louis XIII asks England to return the colony.

27 Sep 1630

Champlain in Brouage and sells his two houses.


Champlain publishes his book “Voyages de la New France occidentale, dicte Canada faites par le Sr de Champlain”, and “Traitte de la marine et du devoir d’un bon marinier”

29 Mar 1632

The “Treaty of St Germain en Laye” returns Acadia, New France and Canada to France

01 Mar 1633

Champlain made commander of New France

23 Mar 1633

Sails from Rouen, France and arrive in Quebec on 22 May 1633. (12th crossing to New France?) He repairs the fort and the settlement.


Trois Rivieres Quebec (Three Rivers) is founded by Laviolette


Champlain’s health declines and he is paralyzed by October and he makes his will on 17 Nov 1635.

25 Dec 1635

Champlain dies in Quebec on Christmas Day at about the age of 67.