Champlain Home
400th Anniversary of the Discovery of Lake Champlain on July 4, 1609 by Samuel de Champlain

Photos from "The Vermonter"_August - September 1909 about the Tercentenary

Published by Chas. R Cummings in 1909 at White River Junction, VT --- This Issue requires two cents postage

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Intrepid French Navigator who discovered Lake Champlain in 1909 . Head of the Knight Templar Division at Burlington's Parade.
Landing Excursionists at Crown Point from Steamer "Ticonderoga". President Taft at Burlington.
Gov. Prouty, member of Staff and Ladies, aboard the Ticonderoga. The Ethan Allen Club at Burlington, where President Taft was entertained at lunch.
Hiawatha, chief actor in the pagent, and noted visitors at the encampment. Indian War Party leaving in Canoes to meet a foe.
The "Don de Dieu" a reproduction of Champlain's ship, with which he made his sea voyages. Burlington's $9,000 Grand-Stand During Presentation of the Indian Pagent.
President Taft and Governor Hughes leaving Hotel Champlain at Bluff Point, NY. In Battery Park, Burlington, Overlooking the Lake.
Watching the Pagent from the Lake Shore. Electrical Illumination of City Hall Park, from the Van Ness.
Church Street on Burlington's Busy Day. Church Street at Night, During the Burlington Celebration.
Awaiting Arrival of the President, Corner of City Hall Park, Burlington. The Torpedo Boat, "Manley", and the two Government Tenders.
Arrival of President Taft in Burlington. The Start for Isle La Motte.
The Governors of Vermont and New York. The Ticonderoga
Listening to the Speeches in City Hall Park, Burlington. Statue of Ste Anne on the Lake Shore.
President Taft on the Speakers Stand at City Hall Park. The Very Rev. Fr. Prevel addressing audience at the Shrine of Ste Anne, Isle La Motte.
Montpelier Fife and Drum Corps of 75 School Boys, in the Great Parade. Looking into the Chapel of the Shrine of Ste Anne from the rear of the Auditorium.
The 15th U.S. Calvary from Fort Ethan Allen, in Burlingtons Great Parade. A Spectacular Moment in the Enactment of the Indian Pagent.
The Governor General's Foot-Guards from Ottawa. Group of Participants in the Dedication of the Boulder at Isle La Motte.


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